Corporate Services

Our Corporate Services

More and more businesses are now choosing to provide child care services on their premises. For many businesses, being able to provide child care for their customers is an essential part of their service. Whatever your business, if you are in the UAE, Sitters Company can help you to ensure that you are providing the very best in child care. Our corporate clients know that they can rely on us.

Our corporate clients include:

– Nurseries and schools who need additional staff on a long-term, short-term, or emergency basis;

– Hotels who want to make sure that customers can enjoy their stay and take advantage of all the facilities, without worrying about their    children’s safety or well-being;

– Events companies who need to provide creche facilities for the use of attendees; and

– Malls and shopping centers who wish to provide facilities for customers with children, to enable them to shop comfortably, knowing that their children are being looked after.

Whatever your business, we offer dependable and premium quality corporate child care services. We take care of your customers’ children’s safety and well-being, and ensure that they are well looked after. All our caregivers are professionally qualified and passionate about providing great quality services to the children in their care. They can provide engaging and age-appropriate activities for children, while your customers make the most of their visit to your premises, whether for shopping, work or simply relaxing.

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Schools / Nurseries

We partner with schools and day-care providers to offer reliable and expert child care support when they need it most. If you are short of staff, our expert babysitters can fill in any role. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for an experienced bus driver to drop children at school or pick them up under supervision, a childminder who can monitor children on the premises and help teachers, or an experienced teacher to keep little ones engaged in recreational activities throughout the day. We can provide the right personnel for as long as you need. Our sitters can work with children of different ages, backgrounds and temperaments and can engage in fun and educational activities with children.

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Event Babysitting

Whether you are running a training day, a seminar, a corporate/not-for-profit event, a conference/convention, tradeshow, or a fun event, you will witness a significant boost in attendance if you provide on-site child care at the venue. A caregiver who is professional, knowledgeable, great with children, reliable, safe, AND available on-demand will give your patrons or attendees more freedom and flexibility to enjoy the event or conference. Guests who are struggling to find child care options themselves, breastfeeding mums, or parents who may be uncomfortable leaving their children for the whole day, will be able to attend the event without stress once they know their children are going to be nearby, in safe hands, and having a good time. We will make your event a success by taking care of all the child care needs of your attendees.

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Hotel Babysitting

Anyone who has ever travelled with small children knows that taking care of them can interfere with the best-laid plans. As the owner of a hotel or chain of hotels, you want to go the extra mile to cater to the needs of your customers and make sure they can fully enjoy the hotel amenities. A significant and often neglected aspect of offering hospitality services to parents is hotel babysitting services. Patrons who are looking for an adults-only night out or a few hours at the spa would greatly appreciate the peace of mind and the freedom to move around without worrying about their little ones. Offering on-site babysitting solutions for your guests could significantly improve your reputation with families.

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Mall Babysitting

Shopping with children is a stressful experience. Most parents get no shopping done when they have their children with them. If you want to attract parents, including breastfeeding mums, to your shopping mall, offering on-site and drop-in child baby sitting services is the perfect way to do so. It will provide support to enable parents to have a stress-free visit to the mall. We have a team of reliable and professionally trained child care professionals who offer meticulous on-the-go child care and babysitting services to parents.

Our highly trained staff is capable of handling all areas of professional care. Customers are sure to explore freely, spend more time inside the mall and buy more when they don’t have to worry about keeping an eye on their little ones.

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